Tax Services


You will get the following from our income tax services:

  • We’ll use the best tax refund calculator to estimate what your tax refund will be, and then we’ll e file your return (electronically use the online tax filing option with IRS e-file) so that you can get your IRS refund back the fastest way possible.


  • Our staff can also show you how you can get more money back on your paycheck each week by reducing your payroll tax. Why pay a higher withholding tax than you have to, and then wait for a refund when you can have that money now? Why let the IRS earn interest on your refund money, when you could be using it or investing it and earning interest on it?


  • We will show you how planning ahead can save you money on next year’s tax return by showing you possible itemized deductions you may be eligible for, and ways you can limit your tax liability. We’ll also give you a sheet that simplifies the most commonly overlooked tax deductions to help you limit your tax liability in the upcoming tax year.


  • We’re also here to help answer your tax questions, or assist you with other financial planning, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services.


Why You Shouldn’t File IRS Tax Forms Yourself

  1. Many people try to file their own taxes themselves by either using cheap tax preparation software or free tax filing services in order to save money.
  1. Yet trying to save money when preparing and filing an income tax return costs many people much more money in the long run in the form of missed tax deductions and tax credits, which results in a smaller tax refund or a greater amount of taxes owed.
  1. Even if you know how to do taxes, today’s tax forms are complex, and the IRS tax tables can be confusing.
  1. You don’t want to make mistakes, not only because most people want to get the biggest tax cut, but also because you might mistakenly claim a deduction you’re not entitled to, and you could be accused of tax evasion (a very serious and punishable offense).
  1. And of course everyone agrees that tax preparation and filing taxes is a big hassle. There are just so many steps and hurdles one must go through to prepare and file their own taxes, and it’s very time consuming.
  1. Even if you use the latest, up-to-date income tax calculator or you paid for some tax software that claims to get you the best tax refund, you have to be careful because the tax laws change every single year, and many software programs miss basic deductions and tax exemptions recently enacted by congress or the local state legislature at the last minute.
  1. Because of the nature of tax laws and complicated IRS forms, not even the latest tax preparation software program can replace the assistance of a professional and experienced tax accountant.

Out of 71 million taxpayers, most (approximately 55 million, or 77%) believe that they benefited from the tax help they received from professional tax accountants last year, according to a study by the US Government General Accounting Office.

We serve all income tax brackets. So no matter whether you usually file the 1040 EZ, need to file self-employment tax papers, have sales tax or capital gains tax to include, don’t hesitate to contact us right now, and see how we can help you lower your tax liability and increase your IRS tax refund.